TekkTonix Affiliate Program

Would you like to earn some extra money by simply telling others about our fantastic products? It's very quick and easy to do...

If you aren't already a TekkTonix Member simply open a free TekkTonix account here (if you are an existing TekkTonix customer your TekkTonix account is the same as an affiliate account).

Once you have your account username and password login to the TekkTonix Members Area to begin browsing all the products available and create your affiliate links.

All you need to do next is simply tell others about our products using your affiliate links. Then, every time someone buys a TekkTonix product through your affiliate link you will earn a commission. Simple!

So, why should you join the TekkTonix Affiliate Program?

  1. Unlike many other affiliate programs we have a very low payout threshold of just $50 USD!
  2. Frequent monthly payouts on the 1st day of every month - we know cash flow can be very important as an affiliate so we don't want you to wait for your commissions.
  3. Commission payments are sent via PayPal - receive your commissions quickly and easily through a reliable well known system.
  4. Affiliate competitions - we want to keep things exciting and fun for you so keep an eye out for affiliate special events!
  5. Flexible commission percentages - if you are making a lot of sales we may get in touch with you to discuss special exclusive commission deals for you.
  6. Need a specific type of promotional material for a product? No problem, just contact us and ask - we want to help you as best we can, so please do ask us if you would like to see something added to a product's promotional material.
  7. Highly reliable, long-term industry tested, secure system - Our affiliate/customer checkout system uses a gold-level version of Delavo on top of an SSL encrypted certificate so you can be sure you are in good hands.
  8. Know exactly where your sales are coming from - Inside the TekkTonix Members Area you can setup custom tracking campaigns for every affiliate link you create.
  9. Confidently offer special offers or bonuses to your referred customers because you can easily check every bonus request by searching the details of sales you have personally referred inside the TekkTonix members area.
  10. and so much more!

>> Join the TekkTonix Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions in minutes! <<

If you have any questions, just ask - we are here to serve you.

Current Products Available For Promoting:

Listed below are all the current TekkTonix products available to you for promoting as a TekkTonix affiliate. As new TekkTonix products are created they will be added here.

Simply click a products name in the list below to see its dedicated page containing all the promotional material and affiliate details (i.e. commission percentage, banners, etc.).

  1. DupeFree Pro
  2. Easy Popover Generator

Thanks for stopping by and do let us know if you have any questions about the TekkTonix affiliate program or products.

- The TekkTonix Team