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TekkTonix Products

Below is a list of the current TekkTonix products on offer.
As we develop more products, we will add details about them here.


DupeFree Pro

DupeFree Pro is a desktop software tool that can help you protect your content and search engine rankings by avoiding duplicate content when creating and rewriting articles for the web.

Click here to visit DupeFree Pro's website and learn more about how DupeFree Pro can save you both time and money when publishing articles on the web.

>> Check out DupeFree Pro!




Easy Popover Generator

The easiest and fastest way to create popovers for your websites!

In a nutshell, the Easy Popover Generator is a web-based software program that enables you to create popover scripts for your websites without having to know any code or technical mumbo-jumbo. The EPG has been designed to be flexible enough to give you all the options you need without having to get dirty with tech stuff!

You simply push a few buttons and click ‘generate’ to export your customized popover script. It really is as easy as it gets!

>> Check out the Easy Popover Generator!


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