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OfficeBefore I tell you about TekkTonix, I should really introduce myself...

My name is Michael Grzywacz and I am the founder of TekkTonix. I was born just outside London in 1979 and still live there today, running TekkTonix from my home office. However, during my early years, I also lived in Norway, the Netherlands and, for a short period, Scotland. And just in case you are wondering, my last name is Polish - it's from my father's side! :-)

I'm guessing you're still wondering what TekkTonix is, why we are here and how we came about...

To begin with I should mention my own history, which is basically technology, web design and graphics. From as early as I can remember I was always fiddling with computers and gadgets. I also always had an interest in art and animation. I combined these passions when I went to university where I received a degree in creative visualization (basically a fancy title for computer graphics!). After university I was in full time employment, as a web designer, until a few years later when the last company I worked for shut up shop at the end of 2004. Having only worked for very small companies up until this point I figured it didn't seem all that hard to start your own business, so I thought I'd have a go, after all it had to be better than going back to another 9-5 right?!! ;-)

I first started out with eBay selling. It was a buzz for a short while, but for me that market place felt like it was all about the lowest-price and I really didn't like working so many hours for such little profit.

So the next logical step was my own ecommerce store, outside of eBay. This was much better and felt more like a real business. But I soon grew tired of it because it mainly consisted of endless order processing and managing stock listings. Ultimately, it wasn't really all that different to eBay selling.

So I started looking in to other areas online and stumbled across affiliate income. This is where things got much more interesting! I studied PPC advertising and applied it to affiliate marketing using blogs and squeeze pages - results came in fast and I quickly begun to get hooked on the concept of 'passive income'. I was simply amazed at the income potential versus the minimal maintenance required to keep an income stream going with the affiliate marketing and PPC model.

During my venture in to affiliate marketing I started to discover the power of SEO and the fantastic feeling of getting rankings in Google and receiving "free" traffic as a result. This led me to the AdSense site game. I was lucky and managed to catch a bit of the easy AdSense gold rush before it got squashed by the Search Engine algorithm changes. The AdSense gold rush was an amazing opportunity for super simple revenue generation, although it was certainly not contributing anything of real value to the Internet - and that fact never sat well with me.

As the AdSense gold rush slowed to a crawl I found that I wanted to continue the content site model, but begin providing quality and valuable content. I started creating more sophisticated sites and hiring quality writers to create content for them. It was a lot more satisfying and worked well - it continues to do so to this day.

However I found that creating new content all the time was very costly so I begun looking in to PLR articles. PLR (Private Label Rights) articles are where you buy sets of articles with limited availability to republish on your own websites. Because they are sold to more than one buyer they are relatively cheap. However, this also presents you with the issue of duplicate content. The Search Engines do not want their indexes to become full of identical content and so their algorithm tries to determine the authoritative version, of what they consider very similar content, and that version gets favoured in their rankings. So to get around this I developed DupeFree Pro to help avoid the duplicate content issue while rewriting my purchased PLR articles. (back then, DupeFree Pro was very basic and was only for our internal use). After using DFP for a while, and because of the positive comments I got back from my writers using it, I thought I'd share the software with others online as I knew other marketers were doing exactly what I was doing - rewriting articles to make them unique.

To my amazement DFP was picked up almost immediately and has not stopped since. I found the whole experience of publishing software and communicating with users to be very enjoyable and rewarding. It's a great feeling giving a living, breathing, truly useful tool to others when it really helps make their life easier. DFP got me completely hooked on software development, and with my technical background it was an easy and logical transition for me.

Since then we have developed numerous tools for our own in-house use (if deemed worthy they will get published at some point so stay tuned! ;-). But essentially, it's DupeFree Pro that got it all started. Now we are trading under the TekkTonix brand I hope to release all kinds of genuinely useful software tools to the Internet marketing & webmaster/web-publisher communities.

The whole process of getting to this point has been very organic and natural. We hope you enjoy using our software and encourage you to get in touch with us. Feedback is the lifeblood of any business so if you have any comments or suggestions please do get in touch with us via the TekkTonix Helpdesk.

We wish you the very best of success with your online ventures! :-)

Best regards,
Mike Grzywacz
[TekkTonix Founder]



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